Services Provided:

•    Software Setup and Business Continuity
•    Data and API Management
•    Functional Services, Best Practices and Support 
•    Gift Key Technical Support 
•    Gift Advantage Knowledge Base 
•    Includes:
        o    Gift Key Mobile – Mobile Device Fundraising Application 
                    National Digital Coupons
                    Local Digital Coupons
        o    Gift Cart – Web-based Online Store
        o    Gift Market - Product Master Database (coming in 2020)
        o    Gift Tracker – Fundraising ERP Cloud-Based Software 
        o    Gift Zoom - Scanning Automation Solution
        o    Gift Advantage – Knowledge Base and User Training 
        o    Gift Cloud –Cloud Technology Services 
        o    Unlimited Gift Support

Associated Fees:

•    Gift Key Standard Annual Maintenance + $7,000 for Annual Maintenance per Calendar Year, divided into          five (5) Equal Payments
•    Transaction Fees of $.50 for Paper to Gift Tracker Transactions
•    Transaction Fees of $1.00 for Gift Cart to Gift Tracker, Gift Zoom to Gift Tracker 
      or Gift Cart Only Transactions
•    Transaction Fees of $2.00 for Digital Coupons and Printed Access Codes

Gift Key National Coupon Bundle

SKU: 000-002

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